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Going Green: Doing Our Part on the Ground

Adventurer A

Doing our part—it’s important for Southwest Airlines to be a good neighbor in not only the communities we currently serve, but where our canyon blue planes will soon touch down for the first time.  March will be a busy month for Southwest as we open three new cities—Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) and Charleston (CHS) on March 13, and Newark (EWR) on March 27.  On top of the fun festivities and community events planned to celebrate our entrance into these communities, we’ll also do our part on the ground to open these cities with brand new electric ground support equipment (GSE) on Day One.
Over the past decade, we have focused our efforts on converting our diesel GSE fleet to environmentally-friendly electric-powered equipment.  These modifications curb greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.  Mother Earth thanks us for reducing our carbon footprint through fuel savings and emissions reduction.  And, because environmentally responsible decisions make good business sense, these conversions not only position Southwest as a sustainable innovator in GSE, but also contributed to saving Southwest millions of dollars in new equipment costs. 
With an industry-leading electric GSE program, we’re excited to continue operating with our green filter to open GSP, CHS, EWR, and any future new cities with this technology on Day One to improve air quality and conserve energy.
Let us know how you live, work, or celebrate Green by posting your comments below.  DING!  You are now free to be green!

Explorer C
You guys are freaking gods. No more diesel fumes with all the baggage carts? Genius! Probably cheaper too + improved air quality in/around the plane + the baggage claim area + savings with less need for air handling equipment. You're geniuses. How is it that Southwest is so much more awesome than all of the other airlines out there? Seriously. It's not like Southwest is a ten and then all the other folks are nines. Southwest is simply amazing + all the others are just meh. Congrats once again for doing right by Earth. She thanks you.
Explorer C
In May I will be flying from Manchester, NH to Baltimore - BWI on my way to San Antonio, Texas. I am not familar with the terminal in Baltimore as I fly very little. My question is: Are their attendants that can direct me to my next flight as I am changing planes. Quite nervous as I have not flown for years. Thank you . I have flown Southwest to Texas before but has been a few years...
Explorer C
That's excellent news! Go Green!
Explorer C
Great news EWR is my home airport Will be using your airline for sure. And CHS this is wonderful news as well. Yeah Love SWA
Explorer C
Explorer C
this is wonderful--still waiting for PWM to open-any idea when you will be there?
Explorer C
Now hurry up and go to Philly from Charleston!
Explorer B
My wife and I are very big Green conscious consumers. One more reason to add to our list of why we fly Southwest!
Explorer C
I absolutely LUV to hear all the new ways we are being Green!
Explorer C
I am all for going green, and will South West ever be going from Phx,AZ,direct flight to Harrisburg PA. any time soon? thanks. Vera