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Going Green: Five Things You Should Be Buying Used

Explorer B

Looking to save a pretty penny?  Buying used goods not only saves your wallet, but the environment too!  

With a plethora of online shopping sites available, as well as consignment stores and garage sales, there is an ease of repurposing products like never before.  Used items such as furniture and cars typically come to mind as dollar-savers; however, there are many products you might not think of that can save you tons and keep hidden treasures out of our landfills!

  1. Designer duds/Formal wear- Attending a fun party or event but don’t want to break the bank on a new outfit?  Web sites such as and sell gently-used designer clothing you can snag for hundreds less than at a department store!
  2. Toys- Purchasing used toys online or at garage sales can be a huge money-saver as opposed to buying from a toy store.  Will a three-year-old really remember where you purchased that shiny yellow Tonka truck? Chances are the answer is probably not.
  3. Home décor- There is nothing better than scoring a unique knick-knack to spruce up your home at a garage sale or consignment store.  Browsing for these items can stretch your dollars tremendously and give your home a little extra spunk.
  4. Tools- Getting crafty?  New tools can be pricey and gently used tools can work just as well.  Just make sure if the tool is electric or has a motor that it’s still working properly. 
  5. Children’s clothing- Little ones grow up quickly and constant clothing purchases can add up!  By buying used children’s clothes at consignment shops or garage sales, you can save that hard-earned cash.

Do you know of any more used products that can help save some cash?  Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing  

DING!  You are now free to be Green!