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Going Green: Get Rewarded for Recycling Your Electronics

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These days, it seems like everyone owns a smartphone … and a laptop … and an iPod … and a Kindle, iPad, or tablet!  In fact, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates that the average American household owns 24 different electronic devices. 

But what do you do with these electronics when they break or become outdated?  How can you ensure that they don’t end up in a landfill?

Two of the most helpful resources I’ve found for recycling electronics are Best Buy and  Many Best Buy stores will accept old electronic devices for recycling, including cameras, computers, video games, and cellphones.  Best Buy will even come to your house and pick up your old television or appliance for free when you order a replacement product.  If stores like Best Buy don’t accept your device for recycling, input your zip code or city into and you will find the closest recycling center to drop off your electronics. 

And if you’re like me, you probably own several Apple products.  The next time you decide to upgrade to a new iPhone or iPod, check out Apple’s recycling program.  Bring your old personal desktop computer or other devices to an Apple retail store, and you could be eligible for a free gift card—just for recycling!  Plus, if you recycle your old iPod through Apple, you could receive ten percent off a brand new one.  That definitely sounds like an idea worthy of the Genius Bar. 

Do you have creative suggestions for how to recycle electronics?  Tell us by commenting below or by e-mailing green@wnco.comDING!  You are now free to be green!