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Going Green: Gobble Green this Thanksgiving

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Gobble, gobble!  Have a delicious and green Thanksgiving with a couple of easy steps.   You can really make it a spe¬cial occasion by using cloth napkins, table cloth, real dishes, and silverware.  This will reduce waste while creating a beautiful memory.  A couple of other reminders are to use reusable shopping bags when heading to the grocery store to shop for the delicious meal, look for locally-grown foods, and carpool to the family homestead. 

Want to add a new tradition for Thanksgiving?  How about planting a tree?  In addition to knowing the impact the tree makes on the environment, be reminded of the many things you and your family are thankful for as you watch the tree grow throughout the year. 

Let us know how you plan on making your Thanksgiving green by posting your comments below.  DING!  You are now free to be green!

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I use the cloth table cover and the reusable bags. When unable to use the reusable bags, then I take the plastic ones back to the store to be recycled. Napkins, paper but regular plates and silverware! I live in Phoenix where we have an awesome recyle plan so probably close to 50% of what we get rid of goes to the recycle barrel. Thanks for being green!
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Did all of my shopping with my cart aNd re usable bags. Had the dinner Today Tuesday of course withreal plates and silverware. The dogs pre-washed the plates, so saved on using too much water to wash everything!