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Going Green: Green Math 101

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I was never very good at math.  Numbers + letters + symbols = absolute confusion, and although my mother is a calculus teacher, her proficiency with numbers apparently skipped a generation.

One thing I am well-versed in, however, is saving money, and if it helps the Planet, that’s a plus! Take a look around your office and home; I would bet some of these energy-saving tips can help you out, too.

Home Equations:

  • Multiply your current indoor and outdoor plant population by two = at least $8 of A/C savings per month
  • Subtract any incandescent light bulbs currently in your home and replace them with CDL light bulbs = $150-300 of savings per year
  • Add a low-flow, 2.5 gallon per minute shower head to the most often used restrooms in your home = $1.75 of savings per shower
  • Subtract eight degrees from your current thermostat setting = $150 of savings per year
  • Add more biking and walking into your daily commute = $0.77 per mile traveled saved

Office Equations:

  • Divide frivolous paper printing in half = at least $30 of savings per month
  • Subtract out-of-date contacts on your company’s mailing lists to prevent  trashed return mail = at least $60 of savings per year
  • Subtract used ink cartridges and ancient computer equipment through area recycling centers = at least $85 in discounts from various office supply stores
  • Add clearly-labeled recycling bins to your cubicles and break rooms = less paper waste in our nation’s landfills!

Math may not be a subject we all enjoy, but anyone can appreciate a positive increase in spare cash!  Going Green can definitely save you some green—and cut down on clutter and energy consumption. 

Have any green tips you would like to share?  We’d love to hear them! Let us know by commenting below or sending an e-mail to  DING! You are now free to be Green!