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Going Green: Libraries and Thrift Stores and Flea Markets! Oh, My!

Adventurer B

I’m all about saving green and going green, so one of the best things I’ve found to help me do both is keeping the “reuse” cycle going.  I do this by shopping at thrift stores when looking for certain items and by going to the library.  As a kid, I loved my library card—it was always an adventure going to the library.  I love everything about reading, including the feel and smell of books.  A library is the ultimate way to conserve resources and “trade goods” with others.  If you are in a bind and need to purchase a book, keep that book, loan it out, or take it to a book reseller such as Half Price Books.

Going to a thrift store is a great way to find quality goods at bargain prices, plus you are reusing and recycling.  I found a great list on that helps me know what to look for—and what not to look for—in a thrift store.  Good buys are things like wool sweaters, coffee mugs, cookbooks, and trustworthy labels.  Bad buys are things like cookware, vinyl records, and squeaky toys.  There are a lot of treasures to be found in thrift stores, flea markets, and libraries, so take the plunge, have fun, and enjoy going Green.  For those of you who already love the hunt, what treasures have you found?

DING!  You are now free to be Green.