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Going Green: Make it Easier to be Green with Mobile Apps!

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There’s an app for that!  A few weeks ago, I found an app on Facebook that helps you keep track of your water footprint, how you match up against your friends, and how you can take action to reduce your impact, save water, and save money.  The water calculator on the app allows you to input your personal information about your household water and gives you a score.  You can check that out here.  

There are actually lots more out there!  Many of the green apps I’ve seen are free or are $1 to $2.  Here are a few other apps I’ve come across that are worth checking out:
•  GoodGuide: This app helps you find safe, healthy, and sustainable products while you shop.  Just take a photo of a product’s bar code, and Voilà!, you can instantly discover information about how green the product is.  Even better—this app is free!
•  Green Genie: Right off the bat, you can find out 100 different ways to go green.  Whether it’s bringing your own bag to the grocery store to finding ways to get paid (yes, paid!) for reducing your emissions, this $0.99 app is well worth the download.  It was also named “Top 5 Green Apps” by and
•  MeterRead : Here’s a simple tool to read your electricity meter and monitor your energy consumption.  The creator of the app, Mark Barton, started saving $50 a month once he started monitoring his own meter.  The download only costs you $0.99.  Once you open the app, you’ll have a choice of five possible meters.  Just pick yours, hit “record,” then start reading the meter on your iPhone over the next few days to find out how you can use less energy.
•   Green Gas Saver: This iPhone app tracks your driving habits and shows you how to save gas.  This is another free one!
•   Light Bulb Finder: Not sure which energy-efficient bulbs to buy for your home?  This free app can show you how to switch—just open up the app and compare your bulb to pictures and descriptions of greener bulbs.  Time saver—if you can’t find the bulb at your neighborhood store, you can purchase the right one via the app.

What apps have you downloaded to help you be green?  Let us know with your comments below.  DING!  You are now free to be green!