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Going Green: One Simple Green Thing

Explorer B
greenblogWe usually complete our everyday tasks on autopilot, but by changing just one thing, we can make a big impact on the environment. Check out these everyday tasks—and the easy ways to make them more eco-friendly: Routine: Going through the drive-thru. Make it green!  If you’re waiting in line for more than ten seconds, turn off your car’s engine.  An idling car wastes an enormous amount of fuel—two minutes of idling uses as much fuel as it takes to drive one mile!  It takes less fuel to restart the car than it does to keep it running, so just turn it off if the line is moving slowly.  Remember, an idling car gets zero miles per gallon! Go the extra mile: If you want to be an eco-overachiever, park your car and walk in for service.  In addition to avoiding the idling issue, it’s much easier in-person to refuse some of the extra items like huge wads of napkins or extra packets of salt.  What a waste!  Take what you need inside and stop all that extra stuff from ending up in a landfill. Routine: Doing the laundry. Make it green!  Skip the dryer sheet.  We often think of them as disposable, but these single-use sheets clog landfills and can contain harmful chemicals.  If you’re addicted to the extra boost of fragrance, look for environmentally-friendly, biodegradable sheets or give your clothes a quick spritz of a homemade freshener after they’re done drying. Go the extra mile: Instead of just putting everything from the washer into the dryer, try sorting it and letting your clothes air dry.  Since the dryer is the second biggest energy hog in the average home (right after the fridge), it can greatly reduce your energy consumption.  Air drying is much gentler on your clothes and helps them last longer.  It’s especially true for quick-dry athletic clothing, which can shrink or pill if exposed to high dryer temperatures. Do you have any simple green tips to share?  Let us know by commenting below!