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Going Green: Southwest and Eurest Partner to Reduce Our Footprint on the Future


We are proud to say that The The Landing, our Headquarters' cafeteria, has made the switch to eco-friendly products, and it’s time to say goodbye to polystyrene foam!

Did you know that polystyrene foam products take up more than 30% of landfill space around the world?  And it’s undetermined exactly how long it takes polystyrene foam to biodegrade, if ever!  This is not the impact that Southwest wants our Employees to have on the environment, so with joint efforts between the Green Team, Green Ambassadors, and Eurest Dining Services, The Landing is now free to be Green!

(The Green Ambassadors above and the Eurest Staff below)

The Landing may have transformed over night, but this effort has undergone a year-long process, making sure our Green efforts remained true to our low-cost philosophy.  We finally found ourselves in a place where our Green efforts aligned with our good business sense. 

Our new eco-friendly products include:

• Compostable to-go bags
• Compostable paper boats
• Compostable corn-based clear cups and yogurt parfait containers
• Compostable brown paper to wrap sandwiches and tacos
• Potato-based eating utensils

Recycling efforts include:
• #10 cans, glass jars, and plastic dressing bottles
• Fryer oil to produce biodegradable gas
• Napkins

I know what you’re thinking: corn and potato-based eating utensils?  No, the cups do not taste like popcorn, but because they are made of these compostable products, they will break down much faster, leaving more room in the landfill for unfriendly products.

This is an exciting step toward a Greener future for the Employees of Southwest!