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Going Green: Spring Cleaning

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It’s that time of the year again—time for spring cleaning!  The flowers may be about to bloom, but that clutter on your coffee table is still lingering.  Why throw it all out?   There are many ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle all that clutter that has accumulated over the past year, or in my case, the past few years! Here are some ways to declutter and organize the GREEN way.
  • Cleaning out the Fridge - Most of the time food items get lost in the back of the fridge—never to be found—until we smell them.  Begin by taking all your food out and cleaning the interior of the refrigerator with a natural cleaner.  When you start putting food back in, organize it so it won’t be hidden away.  One tip is to buy some clear Tupperware to store and keep food fresh instead of using plastic bags.  For produce, invest in wire baskets so your fruit won’t get lost in the bottom drawer and eaten before it goes bad.  You’ll be saving the environment from smelly plastic and have the coolest, cleanest fridge in town.
  • Clothing Clutter - That shirt you’ve had since high school with all the holes in it?  It might be time to retire it, along with a lot of other clothes hanging in your closet that need a new home.  Reuse old T-shirts by using them as rags for cleaning.  Gently used clothing items can always be donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charitable organizations, and, you can save your receipts for a tax deduction.  Remember—a cute outfit should never be thrown away—the environment doesn’t need fashionable clothes.  It’s already beautiful, so let’s keep it that way!
  • Pesky Papers - All those papers on the coffee table?   Yes, they’re still there, and it’s time for them to move!  I’m an avid crafter, so if there’s extra paper lying around, I see if I can make an art project out of it or make handmade cards.  Here are some creative newspaper crafts to try.  Most importantly, you can always recycle paper either through a recycling service or at your office, if recycle cans are available there .
How do you spring clean the GREEN way? Let us know by commenting below.