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Going Green: There's an App for That

Adventurer B

Laurel Moffat wrote a really great post last year about Apps that help you go Green (May 31, 2011).  This year, I wanted to do a similar post in honor of approaching Earth Day about apps for your iPad and iPhone.  

With help from the really great site, here are some great free and paid Green and Earth-appreciation apps:

  • Green Outlet by Key Lime 314 LLC
    This app helps you identify which of your household appliances are the biggest energy suckers, as well as which can help you make informed decisions and save some Green.
  • My Recycle List by 
    This app helps you find recycling locations for items you pick from a list.  Using zip codes and GPS, you can find locations close to you to recycle all the stuff you find when cleaning out your garage or attic.
  • The Lorax - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media
    This app works great on the iPad and brings the environmental story The Lorax by Dr. Seuss to life with narration, a tool to help early readers, and picture/word association.  It’s great for ages 3 to 6.

Earth Day is all about reminding us to protect this beautiful planet.  The following apps remind us of the beauty of nature by showing us:

  • Google Earth by Google 
    This app puts the world in the palm of hand and lets you explore global satellite and aerial imagery, along with geo-located Wikipedia articles.
  • Fotopedia Heritage by Fotonauts, Inc. 
    Celebrate the beauty of our world with more than 30,000 photos created in cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage Center.  This site is a virtual passport to hundreds of sites and locations. 
  • Geowalk HD 3D Facebook by Vito Technology, Inc.  
    Discover new things with GeoWalk, an Internet globe model with articles that are geographically located on topics like animals and plants, history, and people.  If you are an information geek, this app is for you.

I hope you enjoy testing out these apps or finding others that help you green your everyday life or inspire you to consciously appreciate the planet!  
What are your favorite apps?  Let us know by commenting below.  Have a tip for Green Tuesday?  Let us know at

DING!  You are now free to be Green.

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Explorer C
I noticed you only listed apps for iPhone and iPad. Don’t forget Android which has a very large, if not larger, user base than iOS. I found an app called iRecycle: that was originally made for iPhone, but it has been ported over to Android now. I’m sure there are others out there as well.