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Going Green: Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Adventurer B

I love new uses for old things as a way to reduce and reuse, and I have run across a couple of good ideas regarding plastic water bottles.  Of course, metal or refillable water bottles are the best to use whenever possible, but if you have a plastic bottle, here are two great suggestions:

1. If you are heading out of town, keep your plants alive and hydrated by filling the bottle with water and turning it upside down in the planter (cap off!), and water will slowly be released when the soil needs it.  When you get back home, your plants will be alive and looking good.

2. In need of a baggie that is air tight, as well as water tight?  An old plastic bottle will help you achieve that!  Just cut the neck and top off a plastic bottle.  Thread the plastic bag through the cut-off bottle neck, fold the plastic bag over the sides of the neck, across the threads.  Screw on the bottle top (you will be screwing on top of the bag) and you have a leak-proof, spill-proof, air-proof bag.  (Thanks to Employee David in the Community Relations and Charitable Giving Team for the suggestion.)

Let us know how you live and work Green by posting your comments below.

DING!  You are now free to be Green.