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Going Green: Wear Green All Year Long!


As the old adage goes, it’s a fashion “no-no” to wear white after Labor Day. Luckily for us, there’s not a day that you can’t wear GREEN! 

One of the best ways to go green in your everyday life is to select clothing companies that are environmentally-friendly. And finding those companies who are stepping up their green efforts is easy! Companies like TOMS, REI, Patagonia, and Threads for Thought use sustainable materials in their products, commit to sustainability, invest in eco-friendly measures, and help raise money for those in need.

Another easy way to green up your wardrobe is to reuse and recycle clothes. Thrift stores and flea markets are prime locations to find unique clothing items, and they help you reduce your impact on the environment. You never know what hidden gem you may find!

A final, FUN way that you can add some green to your closet is to host a clothing swap with friends. Have each attendee bring a couple of clothing pieces or accessories that are in good condition and put them all together. Take turns picking items from the pile, and enjoy your new clothes! Any items that are left over can then be taken to a women’s shelter or another donation site. 

Being green is always in style! What are some ways that you live and dress green?  Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing  

DING!  You are now free to be green!