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Going Green With Your Gift Wrap!

Explorer B

It’s that time of year again when lights are strewn throughout neighborhoods, holiday music is played in almost every store, and festive get-togethers are plentiful. It is likely that you will attend a few gift exchanges throughout the month and be in need of wrapping for your gifts. Although beautiful, paper gift wrap isn’t easily re-usable and usually ends up in the trash instead of being recycled. These festive and fun parties don’t have to be wasteful when there are other great holiday wraps to choose from. These alternatives are Planet-friendly and can also be used year after year.

Cloth Bags- These soft little bags are perfect for smaller gifts and can be made from scraps of fabric. If you’re not an expert with a needle and thread, many local stores sell these bags for only a few dollars and they’ll last much longer than a roll of colored wrapping.

Gift Tins- Have any empty coffee ground tins or jars lying around? These can be used to enclose gifts for your loved ones! Simply remove the label and get crafty with some paint or permanent markers. It adds a personalized touch if you decorate the outside with your loved one’s favorite colors or favorite magazine’s clippings.

Fabric Gift Wrap- This eco-friendly alternative is much like cloth bags, except you don’t need to sew a thing! Using any old piece of fabric you may have, such as a t-shirt or sweater, cut out a large and thick plus sign (+) from the material. (The size of your plus sign will depend on the size of your gift.) Next, super glue two pieces of ribbon on each of the four sides of the plus sign. Once you place your gift in the center, simply fold the corners in like a box, tying the ribbon as you go. Flip it over and your gift is wrapped!

Re-usable Gift Tags- Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric and place a piece of white paper of the same size on one side of the rectangle. Next, cover the paper side with clear 3” packing tape. Next, glue a ribbon on one side so you can easily attach the tag to a gift. Using a dry-erase marker, write a personalized message to the receiver of the gift. Once the gift has been given, simply erase the message and use the tag for another occasion!

Do you have any other eco-friendly gift wrap ideas? Let us know by commenting below or e-mailing  DING! You are now free to be Green!