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Going Green on Black Friday

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Green LogoWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may be focusing on turkey, cranberry sauce, and, of course, quality time with the family.  Right after the holiday splendor, the biggest shopping day of the year—Black Friday—will begin. If you’re one of the 200 million Americans who participate each year, check out these simple tips for selecting more eco-friendly goods:
  • Clothes: If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe this Black Friday, you can make greener choices by just checking the tag.  Avoid “Frankenstein” fabrics (blends of polyesters and other synthetic materials) since these fabrics are often difficult to recycle or repurpose.  Look for clothes made from organic and sustainable fabrics.  Also keep in mind that a single T-shirt takes about 2,700 liters of water to produce, so shop mindfully.
  • Electronics:  Flat screen TVs and heavily-discounted gizmos dominate Black Friday door buster deals.  When selecting the best deal, look for repairable electronics from sustainability-minded companies.  Greenpeace has done all the heavy-lifting for you and ranked the top eco-friendly electronics companies (you’ll never guess the #1 company on their list!).  Back home, make sure you recycle your old electronics.
  • Home Goods: Stores often use cheap kitchen gadgets to lure shoppers into their stores.  Ask yourself: do I really need a mini doughnut maker ? Resist those cute, unnecessary gadgets and focus on high-quality, durable kitchen tools.  You should also consider using Black Friday discounts to score Energy Star appliances and replace older, inefficient models.
Do you or your family participate in Black Friday?  Or do you have any green holiday traditions?  Let us know by commenting below.  DING!  You are now free to be Green!