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Good Cop Bag Cop: Road Block

Frequent Flyer C

When it comes to bag fees, they're not just baggage handlers - they're the law. The boys in blue are kicking bag in the latest Bags Fly Free campaign: Good Cop, Bag Cop. They're ramped up, they're hardcore, and they're back!
Explorer B
I think you need probably like 10 people with megaphones.
Explorer C
That's a stupid commercial
Explorer C
I like it! Anything that shows the other airlines (& the world) that they are ridiculous for nickel and diming customers by adding bag fees , I like . I appreciate SW efforts. Have been flying you for years now - almost exclusive. You go where I want to go, how I want to go and you always , always say thanks for flying with SW.
Explorer C
I love flying Southwest. They U are the greatest. Only one time I got where I was going before my luggage and it was there early the next day. I thought that was funny as I had to go from one end of the airport to another and all SW had to do was go around the corner of the airport. But I am now 72 and that great for all my years of flying. Thanks guys!
Explorer C
Your video is funny and I can definitely appreciate not getting charged for luggage. I am reading the book "Nuts" for my Management 301 class, which talks about your company's culture and how it puts employees and customers first. I think it's amazing, and am very impressed how Herb Kelleher can lead a team of employees to work extra hard for the common betterment of the company, the employees and the customers! I have never flown Southwest before, but now I want to experience everything I have read in the book and will fly my next flight with Southwest!!!!!!!!!!!!