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Gotta LUV College Football!

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 Sally Harbeson, our Manager of Online Marketing Products, is a huge fan of the Sooners, and she begged Jill Howard, our resident and probably only Wisconsin alum, to put up this post about Oklahoma.  (Oh yeah, it contains a shameless Southwest plug too!) I am so excited that my beloved Oklahoma Sooners have made it to the Big XII Championship game!  It's been a long tough year.  And playing Nebraska is the icing on the cake.  You see, I'm from the "Big 8" era back when OU/Nebraska was always the big game, and it always meant something.  So, the chance to have the game mean something this year brings back a lot of memories. Of course, the fact that Southwest happens to be a sponsor of the Saturday Night College Game doesn't hurt either.  I love seeing the logo on the screen.  And if the Big Boss didn't have his Holiday Party Saturday night, I might even consider hopping on one of the nonstop flights from Dallas to Kansas City just to soak it all in! So I will be cheering on my Sooners and hoping they make it to the Fiesta Bowl in which case I WILL hop on a plane to see the game.  Hubby Bob and I have already made "reservations" at Jill's house.  That is "Jill the Blogger" who loves bad jokes.  Maybe I'll bring Elsie the Wonder Dog an OU Sweater!  Wishing you all many happy days of football watching and sweet Bowl Games dancing in your heads!  (Just don't get me started on the BCS....) Sally