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Gratitude and Food


To me, Thanksgiving is unlike our other holidays--and that's why it's my favorite of the year.  On the fourth Thursday in November we're not celebrating anyone's birthday, nor a group of fellow Americans, nor a change on the calendar.  On Thanksgiving, we simply celebrate thankfulness--being grateful for those we love, for those that love us, those that enrich our lives, those whom we have lost, and all of the blessings (yes, and accomplishments!) that have made our lives better during the previous year.  No gifts--only a few parades--just quality time with our family and our friends.
Of course, another reason Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year is that it is a major food event.  This shouldn't be terribly surprising to anyone, as those that know me (and know how I was raised!) realize that in my family, food is a great complement to love.  It never replaces it--but food can certainly strike delicious notes of harmony to the wonderful melody of abiding, loving thankfulness we all are treated to every November. 
Happy Thanksgiving, all--be thankful--be loving--and be HUNGRY!