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Green Tuesday: A Little Green for your Red, White, & Blue

Adventurer B

Happy Green Tuesday!  We are fast approaching the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, which really kicks off the summer season.  It’s a time for remembrance, an appreciation for the Freedom we all enjoy, and a time to say thank you to those who secured our Freedoms.  It’s become very American to celebrate our Freedom by having outdoor picnics and BBQs during the three-day weekend.  This year, why don't you add a little green to your red, white, and blue with these tips:

  • Use biodegradable utensils, bowls, and cups if you want to go the disposable route - reusable ones are even better, though.  Also, keep some Sharpies on hand to have your guests write their names on the disposable cups and bottles, so they know which ones to reuse.
  • Make sure you put a recycling bin near the trash can so guests have a place to put aluminum, paper, and plastic.
  • Use reusable cloth napkins that can be washed and used again.  Bandannas are an inexpensive and fun napkin perfect for a BBQ.
  • If you have a charcoal grill, look for lump charcoal make from natural and sustainable wood.
  • After eating as much delicious local and organic food that you can, let your guests take home any leftovers so that no food goes to waste and try cleaning your grill with soap and water to avoid chemicals.

To our Employees who will keep us flying high this busy weekend—thank you.  To the rest of you, have a safe, FUN, Green and thankful holiday weekend.

DING!  You are now free to be Green!  Let us know how you live and work Green in the comments section!