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Growth of a Social Media Team

Explorer B

Last year, our Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards Department partnered with our Communications Department to form a brand new Team who would listen and respond to Customer inquiries through our social media channels. Our Customers are very active in the social media space and they expect their favorite brands to be social media savvy as well.  Some of the channels the Customer Relations Social Media Team monitor include: Facebook, Twitter, Flyer Talk, and other aviation related blogs and forums.  With over 3 million fans on Facebook and over 1.3 million followers on Twitter alone, we have many opportunities to chat with our Customers.  We primarily monitor our channels for Customer complaints,  travel or policy-related questions, and compliments!  From a Customer experience perspective, it’s pretty cool for our Customers to receive in-the-moment answers and solutions to their questions or feedback.   

The CR/RR Social Media Team of three works closely with our Communications and Marketing Departments to support our social media strategy.  Since our Team debuted in June, 2011, we’ve corresponded with thousands of our Customers and Southwest Airlines Fans.  CR/RR Specialist Verity Kugelmann says, “Our Customers are typically grateful for the help when we reach out to them on our social channels!” We often hear that our Customers appreciate the convenience of Customer Service via Social Media.  Further, they appreciate the personal touch we put on our responses. For example, if a Customer on Twitter reaches out to @southwestair, we respond to the Customer Service-related inquires from our personalized accounts: @southwestgabe, @southwestverity, or @southwestnicole.  One of our favorite stories came from Customer BJ Schone, who creatively wrote a letter and tweeted us about his damaged bag.  CR/RR Specialist, Verity Kugelmann worked with him on an in-kind response that generated positive buzz for Southwest Airlines, despite the unfortunate situation. You can see her response here . It’s been a great year and we look forward to what the rest of 2012 and beyond has in store for us!  

Explorer A
LUV you all! Keep up the great work!!! Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!
Explorer B
Verity, Gabe, and Nicole are amazing! A shoutout expecially to Verity who answers my questions and concerns almost immediately everytime! I could tell at least 10 stories about her alone helping me out in the past year! I'm A-List Preferred, have a Companion Pass, and fly on SWA a lot! Obviously I LUV SWA and Verity and the Social Media team are one more reason I LUV you guys!! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for having a team like them to respond! Too many companies don't; and it's sad in today's online reality. Thanks for keeping up with the times SWA!!!