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Guitar Hero Showdown: These Are Your Airlines On Twitter

Frequent Flyer A

Last night at an unassuming bar in Midtown Manhattan, we ordered up some mozzarella sticks and raised a beer to the first official Guitar Hero showdown between airline Twitter representatives. It was, as you can imagine, a combination of video games, general nerdiness, and hilarity which made the event a success.

Appropriately enough, the idea for a Guitar Hero match between the two top Twittering airlines of Jetblue and Southwest Airlines gathered strength at the music and media SXSW festival back in March. Both Jetblue's Morgan Johnston and Southwest's Christi Day were there and discovered that they'd both be in Manhattan in May for yet another conference, so why not pep up the festivities?

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Explorer C
I need to practice more before I compete with these guys, both of them are great guitarist. I hope to see more of this one of a kind experience, maybe they could include world of warcraft on their list and distinguish newbie from expert. From there, we'll see who'll win the game. Just want to meet more peeps who could join me with raids and grinding wow gold . I'm not sure if they're gonna enjoy to play that game, but I'm guessing they might. It's addicting and exciting just like playing the guitar.