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HalloWN 2012: Customers Who Caught Southwest's Halloween Spirit

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It looks like our Fun-LUVing attitude was contagious this Halloween!  Our Customers caught our Halloween bug and decided to dress up as none other than our very own Employees.  Sam was born with a Servant’s Heart, so this young man opted to hand out peanuts and pretzels from his Southwest Airlines bag rather than receive candy.


Of course, he wasn’t the only one who wanted to spread the Southwest LUV.

From little guys suited up as Captains (shown at the top), to a family rocking the Flight Attendant, Pilot, and Customer Service Agent look, to a pooch getting his T.J. LUV on, our Customers sure know how to celebrate Halloween the Southwest way.  It’s just another reminder that our Southwest family is big and full of LUV.

Southwest Costumes

And who knows?  Maybe one of these little fellows will grow up to be our Captains for more than just the spookiest day of the year!    

Southwest Family