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Happy Birthday AMERICA!

Adventurer A
dsc00423.JPGOne of the challenges that Colleen has given us this year is to "Own the Holiday".  We want to own each and every holiday that is on our calendar.  In that light, the Culture Chicks threw down the challenge to decorate each of our 475 originating aircraft on July 2nd in preparation for the July 4th Holiday.  dsc00424.JPGI was fortunate enough to be in San Diego on the 1st of July and had a great Crew, so we decided to get the aircraft 30 minutes earlier than normal to decorate our aircraft for Independence Day.   Here are some pictures of our airplane, which also happened to be California One!dsc00420.JPGdsc00425.JPGdsc00429.JPG  A special THANKS go out to Captain Johnny "Super" Z, First Officer Bob Bailey and Flight Attendants Lori B. and Stephanie C.  Ya'll are the BEST!