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Happy Birthday AMERICA!

Adventurer A
dsc00423.JPGOne of the challenges that Colleen has given us this year is to "Own the Holiday".  We want to own each and every holiday that is on our calendar.  In that light, the Culture Chicks threw down the challenge to decorate each of our 475 originating aircraft on July 2nd in preparation for the July 4th Holiday.  dsc00424.JPGI was fortunate enough to be in San Diego on the 1st of July and had a great Crew, so we decided to get the aircraft 30 minutes earlier than normal to decorate our aircraft for Independence Day.   Here are some pictures of our airplane, which also happened to be California One!dsc00420.JPGdsc00425.JPGdsc00429.JPG  A special THANKS go out to Captain Johnny "Super" Z, First Officer Bob Bailey and Flight Attendants Lori B. and Stephanie C.  Ya'll are the BEST!
Explorer C
I had the distinct honor of traveling in CA One for a triple credit mileage run from LAX-SMF. Let's see who has flown on the most theme planes. I also flew: New Mexico one from PHX-LAX NBA from FLL - LAX (with a stop in STL) Shamu (don't know which one) from LAX - SLC City of Hope with the crayon pics inside from LAX to LAS That is 5 for me! Tommy Blog
Frequent Flyer B
That's neat, James! Thanks for sharing. So far, the only SWA planes I've flown are the standard & Spirit. I'd LUV to fly other theme painted ones, too; maybe when I go to MCO this Friday &/or when I come back, I can fly the Shamu! SWA LUV! 🙂
Adventurer A
nice patrotic pictures............. San Diego, how was it? i sure miss that place.. did you see our sister ship IN San Diego Bay? USS BLOG BOY
Adventurer A
Francisco - No, I didn't see your sister ship. But I did manage to enjoy one of the best lobster tails I've ever had over at the Fish Market. It was a 10 oz. mesquite grilled with some baby asparagus and saffron rice. It was DELICIOUS!! James MDW FA