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Happy Birthday to Southwest CEO Gary Kelly

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Today is our CEO, President & Chairman's birthday: Mr. Gary Kelly himself.  We asked Employees from around the system to submit a birthday video, and if you didn't know it by now, our Employees are a colorful bunch of folks.  Happy Birthday, Gary!
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Paula A very Happy Birthday to you and may the year ahead be a blessed one!
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Happy Birthday Gary!! Your the only BOSS that would never have to go on "Undercover Boss" because you treat your employees and customers with respect and it shows. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly and smiling. Love flying with Southwest!!
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Gary Kelly, I am loyal to SWA and I too share your birthday - March 12. I even was on a SWA Flight that day. It was my 55th birthday, so now I am a senior citizen in some places. Thanks for a good airline. Keep your employees happy and keep your customers happy!