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Happy Father's Day


Father’s Day is bittersweet for me.  Reminds me of my Pops, who passed in 1991, and it also reminds me that I won’t be around forever for my son, The Officer, and my stepdaughters, and my upcoming granddaughter, Vivian.

I miss Pops like crazy… but like any good father he taught me so many wonderful things. Family comes before anything.  Be a parent first, be a friend second.  Shut the toilet lid.  Fight for what you believe in.  Be honest and tell the truth in everything you do.

Perhaps the most important thing Pops taught me is to find something you love to do, and then find a way to make a living doing it.  That pretty much describes my journey here at Southwest Airlines.  I do what I do because I love scheduling an airline (OMG it is so much fun!!!) but I came here because of the Culture.  Our Culture is so inclusive and amazing—I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Pops was alive for about a year after I joined Southwest, and after a few non-rev experiences, he told me “You made the right choice…they made me feel like family.”   He LUVed this wonderful airline….and so do I!

Taking it down to my generation—as I’ve raised my son, The Officer, his life has been totally infused with Southwest Airlines.  Our Culture has taught him so much about how to be active in his community, how to be a great Leader, and how to be a wonderful friend.  And as we get closer to Vivian’s arrival—my first grandbaby!—you will certainly hear more about how Southwest’s Culture can translate to each of our families!

This Father’s Day, please appreciate the fathers in your life, whether they’re blood or acquired, if they’re alive or if they’ve passed.  And take a second to take a nod to Southwest’s Culture…after all, our birthday and Father’s Day are nearly on the same day, and both share common bonds.

Sharing.  Serving.  And LUVing.

Happy Father’s Day folks!

Much LUV—