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Happy First Day of Summer! LUV, Lilly Pulitzer and Southwest

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The long-awaited first day of summer, June 21, is almost here—or as we at Lilly Pulitzer like to call it, “National Wear Your Lilly Day”!  Lilly Pulitzer is thrilled to have Southwest Airlines join in on our toast to lighthearted lifestyles and the sunny days to come.


At Lilly, we are all about tradition with a twist, and that's why Southwest is our favorite airline.  Personally, I love Southwest.  I’m the airline's biggest fan.  I know, I know, everyone must say that, right?  Good thing we have proof. Top 10 reasons Lilly LUVs Southwest …
  1. Southwest flies everywhere I want to go … aka Palm Beach.  Because I work for a brand that was born on the sands of Palm Beach, I am lucky enough to spend tons of time there.  However, I’m NOT lucky enough to live there—so I buzz down from Philly to Palm Beach.
  2. I hate CONVENTION—everyone at Lilly does.  We celebrate those who break the mold.  Could waiting in line and calling by zone be any more predictable?  I’m snoring.  Don’t tell me where I want to sit … let me pick!  Southwest’s boarding system is innovative and works—I’m on board, literally.
  3. Smiles count for a lot.  A lot, a lot.  I think Southwest strives to hire delightful, funny people.  We do the same at Lilly.  Be the best at what you do and do it with a smile: Southwest and Lilly Pulitzer are soul sisters.
  4. Hearts & LUV?  We adore an airline whose logo and rewards program is all about LUV.  YAY.  I’m in.
  5. One summer, I flew Southwest every weekend for the entire summer.  That’s three months straight of Friday through Sunday flying.  Guess what?  It’s WHY I am devoted to Southwest.  They got me there—and if for some reason they couldn't (which is a reality), they were incredibly COOL about it.  Their honesty and reliability won me over.
  6. Oh, and one time, when I was flying with my daughters, they were bored during the flight, and the sweet Flight Attendant let them pass out peanuts and pretzels to the passengers.  They were Flight Attendants in training and LOVED it.  They still talk about it to this day.
  7. works.  It’s easy.  When you fly constantly, it has to be easy!  Changing flights, checking in … Southwest thinks like its Customers, and they make. It. Easy.  Thank you.
  8. Presents for flying?  I love rewards.  Thank you to this fabulous airline that has a rewards program you can actually use.  It’s a novel concept.  I fly; I get rewards; I use them; I fly more.
  9. Southwest has the best rates.  If I can get someplace gorgeous AND save on airfare I literally hug the Captain.
  10. My final point is a sappy one, so buckle up.  My Dad lived in New Hampshire for many years, and I flew to see him constantly.  Southwest made it stress-free.  I can still picture my Dad’s smiling face and big hug waiting for me in the Manchester Airport the second I got off the plane.  To me, Southwest is synonymous with Family.  I really appreciate that.
Happy first day of summer to Lilly Pulitzer and Southwest Airlines LUVers alike.