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Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Adventurer C

You are not seeing double in the title.  March 12, 2010 is an important day at Southwest Airlines. No, we’re not starting service to a new city today, and we’re not launching a new product; it’s a way bigger deal than any of that.  March 12 is the shared birthday of two of the most important men in Southwest Airlines history: Gary Kelly and Herb Kelleher! 

These guys have a lot in common: they’re both really tall, they’ve both held the titles of President, CEO, and Chairman of our Company; and, of course, they share this special day.  They also have something else in common: their love of animals.  So when deciding what to get two guys who have done so much for all of us and the community, the Executive Office, Pass Bureau,  Culture, and Communications Employees decided to show them our LUV by holding a collection drive for a nearby pet shelter, Dog & Kitty City.  The shelter’s web site has a long list of needs and we did our best to collect items that will help them out, all in Gary’s and Herb’s names.

Happy Birthday, Gary & Herb, we hope you enjoy this gift from our hearts!  To see a special birthday video for Gary, click here.