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Happy Holidays from our Heart to Yours!

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DayOf_Christmas Please enjoy this poem by San Diego Customer Service Agent Bernardo F. Olvera.  

A Southwest Christmas

The crowds have cleared and the planes have all flown. With Christmas in the air my job was to get people home.

To be with their loved ones and to enjoy this day, my gift was so that others could love, laugh and play.

So, I felt a little sadness land in my heart, for I've never been, from my family, this far apart.

But today was a new experience to observe, learn, and grow, so I adopted each family as mine Shhhh ... and they didn't even know.

I loved them and laughed with them and they filled me with joy, as one child shared his excitement over his new transformer toy.

So it wasn't quite the Christmas I hoped for or had in mind, but my promise was to stay present so that gratitude would be all one could find.

So, to my three children I leave you with this gift, for it was you in my heart as I offered that last inspired lift.