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Happy Independence Day—Home of the Red, White, and Canyon Blue!

Explorer C
July4Every Independence Day I can remember has been the same:  My family goes to my grandma’s house; we toss the younger cousins around in the pool; we eat too much BBQ and then, drive over to the stadium to grab a good spot for the fireworks show. Some may call those activities boring in their predictability, but to me they’re perfect.  I get to celebrate the country I love with the people I love. This year, like every year before, I’ll make my way back to my hometown, meet the family at my grandma’s and overload on Texas BBQ.  I’ll wade into the water and find myself unable to toss my, now, much taller cousins out of the water—I can’t even lift them.  I’ll sit with my family on the tailgate of my dad’s truck in our perfect stadium spot and watch the fireworks in the hot Houston air, celebrating our freedoms, our home, and my loved ones within it.flag1 So this Independence Day, let us at Southwest connect you with the people and traditions you LUV!  Kick off your long, holiday weekend right and enjoy a complimentary drink while flying with us on Friday, July 4! Happy Independence Day, everyone, from my Family to yours!