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Southwest Airlines Community

Happy Independence Day from SWA!

Explorer B

From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, we LUV flying throughout America with you!

A special red, white, and Canyon Blue thanks to our Servicemen and Servicewomen for protecting our freedom—enjoy priority boarding tomorrow! For everyone else flying with us to your fireworks-viewing destination tomorrow, enjoy a free drink onboard, and check out our decorated gates and patriotic attire throughout the system. If you see a decorated gate that would make our Founding Fathers proud, show it to us on Instagram with the hashtag #SWApic.

Here’s a little Independence Day trivia about Southwest Airlines to get you in the patriotic spirit!

1. Which of the following free phrases has never been used in a Southwest Airlines campaign?
A. Bags Fly Free
B. Free Flyin’ Fun
C. You are now free to move about the country
D. Set Love Free

2. Which of the following was the fourth city in the Southwest system?
A. Austin
B. San Antonio
C. Harlingen/ South Pardre
D. Corpus Christi

3. Which of the following signature planes does not have red, white and blue paint in its specialty design? Note: The Southwest Colors on the tail don’t count!
A. Colorado One
B. Triple Crown
C. Illinois One
D. California One

4. Where is the American flag located on every Southwest plane?
A. On the nose
B. On the winglet
C. On the tail
D. On the forward door

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. C

Explorer C
WN does a lot of great things to Celebrate our Independence and Freedom. Next year July 4th is just a short 104 days away from October 16th, the day that Love Field (KDAL) is set free. This means that July 4th gives Southwest the perfect opportunity to remind the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex that soon LUV will be set free as well. Southwest should be the major sponsor of every 4th of July parade, celebration and Fireworks display within a 60 mile radius of Love Field. This year I went to a celebration / fireworks display in metroplex and the main sponsor was a Mexican Beer and I thought WN would of made a much better sponsor and this next year provides us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate the freedom earned by our great service men and women and the great freedom to come in just 104 days for citizens to fly direct on Southwest. Perhaps Southwest should sponsor the same type of celebrations in those cities that will have new direct non stop service. Just a suggestion!
Frequent Flyer C
Great suggestions newwnguy! I'm sure we will be super festive in the months leading up to the full repeal of the Wright Amendment! You have some great ideas and I'll definitely pass them along to our DAL team! -Christi