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Happy Thanksgiving, Y'All

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We have three special Thanksgiving posts for you below.  Francisco Delgado, who began blogging with us last year at this time, is back home safe and sound and very thankful.  His post reminds us that many of our loved ones will be away this Thanksgiving.  Bob Hurst shares his mom's poignant Thanksgiving memory from her childhood, and his mom's story serves as a reminder to be thankful for what we do have.  Kim Delevett talks about her own childhood, which of itself is a remarkable story, and her thanks for her large family.  Because many of you (and some of us) will be on vacation Thanksgiving week, we won't be posting new material, but we will be moderating your comments all week.   Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving, and we will see you on Monday, November 26. Again, please keep these posts on topic.  If you would like to comment about our boarding changes, please go to Gary Kelly's video post or Kevin Krone's post.