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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I love the holidays.  Whenever someone asks, “What’s your favorite holiday?” I don’t have to even's THANKSGIVING!  What's not fantastic about a day set aside to be grateful?  In my family, we have maximized the day by cramming in so many traditions that we go home exhausted, stuffed, and so very thankful for all the blessings in our lives.

We start the day by running in a local turkey trot (a 5K) which fools us all into thinking that we burned enough calories to consume all the food we will inhale in the next 24 hours.  Growing up in Texas, Thanksgiving ALWAYS includes the Dallas Cowboys game.  We always check to see what time the game starts, and then plan our dinner time around it.  Go Cowboys! 

About six years ago, running with the football theme, we organized the “B Bowl.”  We played a simple game of touch football in the park behind our parents’ house.  I was a team captain and the whole family participated.  Fast-forward six years later, I am now the last one chosen, as all the boys in our family have grown into actual athletes.  We enact Mom’s famous “Everyone-plays-or-no-one-plays” rule.  And luckily I get a little game time, even if I’m not a captain anymore.

I can leave Christmas presents behind, but spending time with family is always worth the effort, travel, and schedule coordination that it takes to get the whole family sitting around the table and spending time together.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Meghan Blinn is a recruiter in our People & Leadership Development Department.

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Meghan--I couldn't agree more with you! I also love that everyone can be together in San Antonio thanks to Southwest Airlines. Growing up with three sisters, we pretty much did the same thing you guys did. If you insert where you have play touch football and you've described the Waldrep Family Thanksgiving! After dinner, we'd design hair styles for each other and Dad loved for us to comb his hair while he watched football. We'll still "play hair" these days, but nobody will comb poor Dad's hair. It's okay, he usually falls asleep and we say we did it while he was asleep. Ah... the holidays!