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Happy Work Like a Dog Day!


Ashley's dog, Harper
I may be a cat person, but that doesn't mean I can’t appreciate dogs and their Fun-LUVing Attitudes.  As it’s Work like a Dog Day, I thought I’d switch my cat ears for those of man’s best friend.  (Unfortunately for us cat-lovers, Work like a Cat Day couldn't exist unless work involved a long nap in the sun, and that sounds like a vacation!) Coming home from a long day, you can always find your dog awaiting your turn of the door knob.  I work with some amazing people, a few of which have dogs (take Cindy, for example, pictured above with her dog Miyagi), and their dog stories are seemly endless. Working like a dog is not synonymous with being a “work-a-holic.”  Working like a dog just means you work hard—and in my opinion, it’s much more than just working hard.  Here at Southwest we value Living the Southwest Way, which includes having a Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude.  These are qualities some of our best fur-friends have:  the willingness to get the stick you threw across the yard at whatever cost, the puppy love when you’re feeling down, and the jump of joy when you get home from work.  When the work piles up and time seems to drag, sometimes it’s a kind word or a surprise smile from one of my Fellow Coworkers that makes the day worth something. We should always remember the Southwest Way and pair it with the traits our dogs: a happy, friendly, renewed spirit.  They have such a joy when you return home.  Carry that happiness with you throughout your day.  Be happy to see everyone, from your friends to your office mates.  Remember that everyone you come in contact with is another opportunity to brighten the world.  And no matter how long you've been apart, your dog welcomes you with a renewed spirit on your return.  When you return to work each day, walk in with a renewed spirit, ready to take on your responsibilities with a smile. Simply put, we should all remember to let the work go to the dogs—today and every day! Traveling with your best fur-friend soon?  Southwest Airlines welcomes small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an appropriate pet carrier in the aircraft cabin.  Find more information on our Traveling with Pets page.