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New Arrival

ElizabethRoskos1.jpgAs a studious grad student, I am well aware of how unlikely it is that I would meet my death whilst airborne, but nonetheless, I still have an almost unmanageable amount of anxiety during take off because who knows what bird may fly into a jet engine unexpectedly or when wind shear may make our departure fatal.


Over these years of my irrational fear of flying, I have been lucky enough to run into several Pilots and Flight Crew members aboard the aircraft that have soothed my nerves and eased these fears. My Southwest Crews have always gone above and beyond to give me a nod during unexpected turbulence to reassure me that I am beyond safe, or offer me a complimentary adult beverage to ease my nerves. Furthermore, Southwest: The Magazine has always provided inspirational and heart-warming stories—from “Gary’s Greeting” all the way through the “One Question” segment—that are captivating, inspiring, and tear-jerking enough to the point that I forget that I am even 10,000 feet above the safety of solid ground.


As a social worker, I deeply appreciate the human touch that Southwest incorporates into every service that makes each individual, including the fearful flier like myself, feel safe and sound and right at home. I’ll never forget the Hospitality I was shown as a nervous child flying from Southern California to my new home in Houston by the Southwest Flight Crew on my very first flight. It moves me deeply to see that 20 years later that value of comfort and trust still seem to be leading Company values. This is why I always look to Southwest first for all of my travel needs. Thank you for valuing your loyal patrons and their safety and comfort above all else.