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He's Making a List; He's Checking it Twice!

Adventurer B
      Santa was on to something with his list making!  A list is known to help de-stress so what better time than Christmas to make a List for Holiday Travelers.  Let's start! 1.  Before leaving the house:  tickets or itinerary?  wallet?  medication?  drink coupons?  cell phone?  computer?  book?  coat?  gifts?  bags in car?  (I left my bag on the driveway early one morning after de-icing my windshield - jumped right in and drove to the airport!) 2.  Leave early for the airport.  This requires no explanation! 3.  Bring your good disposition - have it readily accessible. 4.  Unaccompanied children?  Diabetic?  All-day flyer?  Bring food! 5.  Pack activities for children and adults.  (These distractions can make a real difference when there are weather or mechanical delays.) 6.  Check the Weather Channel for the forecast at your origin and destination before leaving home.  7.  Dropping off Seniors or disabled passengers traveling alone?  Plan to stay with them until they board the aircraft and have someone at the destination waiting.  (Escort passes are available through a Customer Service Representative.)   Please communicate any special needs to our folks at the airport.  I had a ninety-two year old man left at the curb by relatives, and he thought he was on the train!  During Thanksgiving I had twenty-three wheelchair Customers for one aircraft.)    Help us help your loved ones. 8.  Pack medicine and valuables in a small case that fits under the seat--never in a bag that may have to be checked.  Your bag may fit in an overhead bin, but if you board last, the bins may be full.  9.  Infants and children requiring milk?  You must bring your own.  We have limited cold storage - beer won the space over milk!  10.  If bringing gifts, leave unwrapped (in case Security needs to look at it).  Remember there is a two item carryon limit (one bag and one personal item).  Also, these carryons must fit in an overhead bin or under your seat.  Keep this in mind when packing.    (Flight Attendants don't like being the Grinch.  I was given a button that says, "I love my job.  Don't make me hate it.") 11.  If being picked up at your destination, ask that they check on your arrival time before leaving for the airport. Can you add to this list?  (My catch phrase for this Season is "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle!"  When stressed, it should bring a smile!)