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Help Needed: Gary’s Halloween Costume Suggestions

Explorer C

The Mad Hatter, Gene Simmons from KISS, Jack Sparrow, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Frankenstein—you may be thinking, what do these have in common? Two words: Gary Kelly. At Southwest, we LUV Halloween and every year our Employees and Customers look forward to the unveiling of Gary’s top-secret costume. g3 With only six weeks until Halloween, Gary and his team need your help to choose his next unforgettable look. Employees and Customers can share “who” or “what” they want Gary to be this year for Halloween. g4 Get creative—the sky’s the limit. Gary is no stranger to face paint, high heels, wigs, or tight-fitting suits. He definitely embraces his elaborate Halloween costumes chosen for him by those that he LUVs the most—our Employees! g1 Share your costume suggestions in the comment section below, and be sure to check back on Halloween Day to see the exciting reveal of Gary and his always-entertaining costume. Who knows, maybe your idea will come to life!