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Help Us Stop Air Tax Increases

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We need your help (and your voice!) to protect Customers from a proposed tax increase!  As part of a potential budget deal, Congress is seeking to double the current Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Passenger Security Tax from $2.50 to $5, and the White House proposes tripling the tax by 2017. Take action at Stop Air Tax Now to oppose these increases!  With just a few clicks, your voice can be heard. The U.S. airlines and our Customers are already subject to 17 different federal taxes and fees, which totaled nearly $19 billion in 2012. TSA is already adequately funded.  From FY 2007 to FY 2012, Congress increased the TSA budget 18 percent while the number of passengers screened dropped.  Simply put, TSA does not need the money.  TSA is screening about 11 percent fewer passengers today than it did in 2007. Additionally, the agency is getting more efficient in screening passengers, particularly with the expanding "PreCheck" expedited screening program.  If more taxes are needed, it is time that Congress seeks money from other users and beneficiaries of the TSA's services who currently pay nothing instead of just socking it (again) to the airline industry. Higher taxes drive up the cost of air travel for our Customers and dampen demand, which hurts all of us.  Our trade organization, Airlines for America (A4A), and other industry partners have joined together to oppose these tax hikes and WE NEED YOUR HELP to ensure these taxes are not increased. Take action at Stop Air Tax Now to tell lawmakers that you are already paying your fair share and that these increases cannot happen on the backs of those who drive the economy - our Customers and the U.S. Airlines!