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High Five Your City: The Winner's Circle!

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We had a really great time selecting the winners of the High Five Your City contest.  Thanks for sharing why you LUV your city!  It was incredible to learn about all of your hometown hotspots and hidden gems.  Check out the five winners, and let us know in comments which one you’d like to give a “High Five!” 

Tamara wants us to check out her neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina!  Thanks for the welcome, Tamara! 


Kelsey gave Chicago a “High Five” by catching the city skyline at sunset.

Kansas City
Kara shared a great photo collage of her LUV for Kansas City!  

Linda G
Linda LUVs her hometown in San Antonio, Texas.  Thanks for taking us on a tour through the Alamo City, Linda!  
Check out her blog post here.

High Five DTW
Joe shares a bird eye’s view of the U.S. flag from Detroit, Michigan!

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I think I just foiund my favorite skyline picture of Chicago!! Thanks Kelsey! #highfive