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Holiday Greetings from the Blog Team

Aviator C

We asked our Bloggers to send you some of their Holiday thoughts, and what better time to do that than Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas from all of us at Nuts About Southwest.

Having the Freedom to Fly gives my husband and me the Freedom to make many special memories.  We have had the opportunity to go so many wonderful places throughout my tenure at Southwest.  We have travelled from coast to coast in the United States and as far away as The Czech Republic and Japan.  At each destination, we are sure to purchase an ornament that captures a memory from the trip.  Now keep in mind, we aren’t looking for the prettiest ornament or the most popular, but the ornament that will make us remember the highlights of our vacation.  So, we have everything from a cowbell from Switzerland to a miniature Cruise Ship from our honeymoon.  Our tradition continues with decorating the tree.  Each year, as we sip on hot chocolate and listen to Holiday music, we adorn our Christmas tree with one ornament at time remembering the fun, and often hilarious, memories from that particular trip.  Our memories are a gift that we continue to give each year during the Holidays,

Beverly Behrens

 To all Mommys and Daddys: How do you make your child's first Christmas special?! James is only four months old, so he's not old enough to understand or remember the holiday this year.

My hubby suggested giving him a super sized bottle of milk in his stocking! Mommy and Daddy hope that Santa brings some extra SLEEP.  We were too tired to deal with decorating a tree and bought a small Charlie Brown tree that's sitting on our kitchen table. We attempted to see Santa three times; each time we arrived at the mall, Santa was on a break! The third time was the charm, and we got the priceless dear-in-the- headlights picture to show James' first girlfriend.

Despite the fact that we're clueless parents, we're very blessed to have our son to celebrate this special time of year together. Oh, by the way, I can't stand Will Ferrell, but I have to admit, Elf is a cute movie!

Happy HoHoHo to you and yours!


Kim Delevett and son James


My friend Juls was dressed in a Santa outfit while working Christmas Day.  She was standing outside the aircraft door when a small boy came around the corner with his parents.  A look of delight crossed the child's face as he ran and threw his arms around Juls' legs.  "Oh Santa, thank you so much for all my toys!"  There's something special about "being" Santa! 

While working Christmas Day, I asked a little boy if Santa had come to see him.  He matter-of-factly said, "No."  What do you say to that?  His parents may simply not celebrate Christmas, but I give toys to Toys for Tots, donate to Salvation Army, and chose an angel from the Angel Tree.

Carole Adams