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Holiday Travel Tips.

Explorer A
You've heard some Holiday travel tips from Carole Adams, and I want to give you a few more from the perspective of an Employee at the airport.  First, remember, your 3-1-1 (no container with more than three ounces of liquids or gels carried in one clear quart-size ziplock bag for one Customer). Second, DO NOT wrap gifts. (The Transporation Security Administration had a Holiday web site.) If you do insist on wrapping them, just KNOW they might be unwrapped for inspection. Don't forget that 3-1-1 applies to your gifts too! If you purchased any gifts with liquids or gels (snow globes and bath set, anyone?), you should consider shipping your gifts ahead of your travel. Third, get to the airport early for the busy Holiday Season. Lastly, before you go through security checkpoint be sure to take all metal items off and put them in your carryon bag, take your shoes off, and take laptops out of bags and place in a separate tub. Follow these steps, and hopefully you'll get through security just a little quicker than normal.