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Holly, The "Most Remarkably Kind Flight Attendant"

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The story begins when Flight Attendant Holly H. met the father of country crooner Taylor Swift. Mr. Swift was so impressed with Holly, he gave her special guitar picks from Taylor. On Holly’s next flight, departing from Nashville to Phoenix, Holly met a Customer named Rowland, traveling with his girlfriend to attend a friend’s wedding. During conversation, it became apparent they were both big fans of Taylor Swift. Holly generously offered them a few of her guitar picks. Between that, her winning personality, and her excellent Customer Service, Holly had won over Rowland and his girlfriend.

Being that it was a WiFi plane, Rowland logged onto his Facebook account and expressed his gratitude on our Southwest Airlines page:

Rowland on Facebook

The post reads, “If someone in the Southwest Airlines corporate HQ can see this - I'm on flight 913 currently en route to Phoenix and I want yall to know that our flight attendant Holly is perhaps one of the most remarkably kind and helpful people my girlfriend and I have ever met. If you can meet us at the gate with something remarkable for this remarkable woman (a promotion, a raise, a chipotle burrito, anything), I will sign a document pledging to only fly Southwest from here on out (unless you do not fly where I need to go). Of course - I request a "Keyman Clause" in this agreement stipulating the contract terminates if Holly ever leaves. People like her are why I fly SWA.”

Needless to say, when the Marketing Department made our Phoenix Inflight staff aware of the post, we sprang into action. First, we contacted Paradise Bakery and asked them to create a special chocolate chip cookie just for Holly that read “Holly, most remarkably kind Flight Attendant”.

Rowland Cookie of Appreciation
Presenting Holly with her Cookie of Appreciation

We made a sash with the same verbiage for Holly to wear for her appreciative Customers.

The Entire Crew

Flight Attendant Crew

Finally, a “special contract” was drafted for both Rowland and Holly to sign.

The Official Signing
The Official Signing

We LUV that our Customers feel as passionately as we do about our Flight Attendants' Legendary Customer Service. We look forward to having Rowland on many more Southwest Airlines flights (he's contractually obligated, after all).

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There is a reason I only fly SW when at all possible. This is just one more example. When I'm on that plane I feel at home. It's always been that way. I'm certain every passenger feels similar. Congratulations to Holly and all SW's crews for making us passengers feel welcome, comfortable, and knowing that you also take seriously our safety. Sudie and Mr. Spout (My Yorkie that travels with me.)
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I have to say that I love flying SWA! I flew from Houston to Palm Beach and back a few weeks ago and the flight attendants were amazing and VERY humorous! I can imagine that saying the same safety spiel time after time gets pretty boring but these attendants really beefed it up! The whole plane was laughing and they even got applause! Even the mid-flight comments were the owner of the Honda left your lights on....thanks for making the flights enjoyable!
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Very nice human interest story. We need more like this. Kudos to Holly and to all that go that extra step to make another persons day more pleasant. I always fly SW and find your staff always more friendly than other airlines. It is good to see others feel the same way..Mary
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This is one of the many reasons I recently switched to SWA. It is such a fun airline. I love it when the flight attendants sing. Keep up the good work SWA and you have my loyalty too.
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This is why I love SWA, way to go guys!
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Stuff like this reminds me why I really want to work for Southwest. What an awesome display of a "Servant's Heart"! It would be great to work with people like Holly every day. LUV from close to BUR, Amanda (who hasn't flown any other airline than Southwest either)
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Southwest is FULL of wonderful people and always so much fun! Congrats to Holly!! I always fly Southwest whenever possible, in fact that's how we picked our last vacation. We looked at everywhere Southwest flies and narrowed it down from there. We had a fantastic time in the Pacific Northwest and our Southwest flights were awesome!!
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I always fly Southwest because of low prices and totally awesome friendly service, but I had to go with AA in two weeks from New Orleans to Dallas because the price was about three times cheaper!!!! What is up with that and why is the flight from New Orleans to Dallas so much higher?
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Yay!! We had the pleasure of meeting Holly on our flight from Philadelphia to Sacramento. She was awesome!!! It was our first time flying with our 9 month old. She couldn't have been more attentive, gentle and all around incredible. Every chance she got, she would come find us and play with Parker. He loved walking around with her and meeting all of the other passengers. We were happy to reach our final destination, but it was sad to be leaving Holly. The most touching part....she started to tear up and cry while saying goodbye to our little man. It's easy to see Holly has a true passion for her job. By far and away the best flight attendant we have ever had the pleasure to fly with. Thanks Holly!!!!!
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What a wonderfuly story about Holly, the flight attendant aboard Southwest's flight from Nashville to Phoenix. Nice going to the gentleman and his girlfriend who suggested someone meet them at the gate to give Holly some kind of award and in turn would sign a contract to only fly Southwest. I want Southwest to know my husband and I only fly Southwest and there are other choices for us. We find their attendants to be so well trained and really do go the extra mile for their guests. Kudos to Southwest. Now my question is this. We cannot understand why Jay Leno always refers to Southwest in a negative way and they are frequently the butt of his jokes. Perhaps Southwest could offer to fly him free, back to Massachusetts for the holidays. We have flown Southwest for about 15 or more years now and always check baggage. Not only is there no extra charge for his, they have never lost a piece of our luggage. Thanks Southwest and Happy Holiday to you and your staff.
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This is a great story!!! I LUV Southwest, but the last couple times I have traveled by air, I have had to fly on a different airlines (group travel, destination not served by SWA). I have noticed and commented to fellow passengers that your competitors have made attempts to duplicate the personal, family feel that I LUV about SWA. In my humble opinion, nobody makes flying as fun as SWA! <><
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Great airline and very freindly personal
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This is why I fly SWA everywhere I can but please add flights to Tallahassee Florida. After my daughter has moved there, we found out that there is no easy way to get there. Thanks SWA for all you do. The flights are very enjoyable, pleassant and very relaxing.
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What a great story and some great comments on top of the great story, especially from Jennifer Gildner who flew from Philadelphia to my hometown in Sacramento. From what I read, Holly is a great example as to why Southwest Airlines works not just hard, but smart everyday to stand out and be different than other airlines in this very competitive industry. As soon as Southwest Airlines announced its going into Newark through a Press Release back in August 2010, I immediately said that I have had it with the legacy airlines that I have previously flown with to Newark in the past. Among future airports, I can't wait for the acquisition of AirTran to be 100% complete with the Single Operating Certificate (SOC) being issued sometime in 2012 so that I can fly to family living in Kent, not far from the Akron/Canton (CAK) Airport. It will also be exciting from Sacramento that flights may soon go to Washington/Regan National Airport (DCA) allowing Sacramento Business People, ELected Officials, and the Sacramento Congressional Delegation to fly from "Capitol-to-Capitol" all as a result of the acquisition of AirTran Airways. Holly and flight attendants like Victor, who served me on Flight 3920 from Phoenix to Newark back on November 21st, are aspects of the fun and "LUV"ing atmosphere I get from Southwest Airlines that I don't get from other carriers. Rowland is a customer who thinks like I do. I too pledge to fly no one but Southwest Airlines (unless there is a place they don't serve, and I have to get there). With the addition of Newark and the soon to be completed acquisition of AirTran Airways, Southwest Airlines makes my flying a very fun experience, every time. Best Regards & Happy Holidays to all at Southwest Airlines and the Bloggers!! --Mike Barnbaum, Rapid Rewards Member & Blogger in Sacramento, California
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I am a retired RR man who doesn't own a car. Whenever I travel I go by Southwest or I take the bus. The exception is once a year when I lecture at the University of Ottawa, and you don't fly into Canada. Also I am glad to be able to travel with my large and outgoing cat under the seat.
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I flew AirTran recently to ATL and it was clear that they share the LUV. It really is about the culture.
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This story is WHY I ❤️ SW. Like Rowland, when I lived in Texas (Corpus Christi,) I flew ONLY SW, unless it didn't go where I was planning to travel. I now live in Canton, Ohio and have been using Airtran and CAK (Akron-Canton Airport,) since Cleveland is abt an hour away from here. CAK is abt 20 minutes from where I live and I can use local Metro buses to get to that airport. With consolidation of both airlines, will CAK STILL be used by SW as one of its airports or will I have to start using Cleveland, again??? Thanks.
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Living in Atlanta, with WN headed our way; with so much still unknown about the carrier to so many folks in the vicinity...this story will play well as to what sort of onboard experience to expect. Well done!
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Wish we had had Holly on our last SW flight. We flew the Austin-Dallas-albeqerque-Portland flight on Monday, the 14th. The flight crew for the first two legs were great! But they had a crew change in Albeqerque and one of them was extremely unpleasant and rude. Wish I had her name...
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Thank you for everything Southwest! What an experience! Holly is just amazing, as well as many of the other SW attendants! Just got back to Nashville about 5 hours ago from another SWA flight...another great time.By the way, the wedding was fabulous! Thanks for posting Stephen! Nice to meet you! What an incredible way to be welcomed to PHX. (the cookie cake was awesome as well...or should I say...remarkable!) Love, Natalie (the girlfriend of Rowland)
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A shining example (pun intended) of how well Southwest responds to social media posts. Nice job! Keep up the good work in using all of the social media tools, it will be one of the most challenging areas of customer service but in the long run the most profitable. Cheers!