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Home Away from Home – Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Adventurer C

I am a mother, I’m wife, and a daughter, but I am also an immigrant.  I speak with an accent and sometimes get my words confused as I am constantly translating in my mind.  Never in my life would I have imagined leaving my dear Island of Puerto Rico to come to the States to work.  I was part of the Next Generation of new young professionals leading in the government and private sector with many opportunities and a great life.  But life happens, so does a deep economic depression, and Puerto Rico was not exempt from it.  Now I’m part of the “Nueva Ola” or New Wave of professionals who decided to move away from home to survive and to provide a better future for their families.

I am not the first one, or the last one to move to the United States to find an opportunity.  Whether your parents, grandparents or ancestors came in from different parts of the world, we have different colors in our blood, but we are all the same-we all bleed red.   Today we start celebrating the strength and hard work of Hispanic Americans, whose zeal for family and country has helped shape society.  We celebrate not only diversity, but heritage, integrity, and honor.

I am blessed; today I woke up as an Employee of one of the best Companies for Diversity according to Hispanic Business magazine and the best Company in the world--at least for me because Southwest is Home away from Home.  Celebrate today your heritage, the struggles and the triumphs of those who came to this great land before you, and I encourage you to embrace how the world has changed.

¡Celebra tu Herencia!