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Hotel Stationery

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I must say that I really enjoy writing.  Since I spend so much time on the road, I am constantly jotting notes to family and friends as well as searching for unusual and interesting news and business articles to forward to others.  I agree with our wonderful SWA President, Colleen Barrett, that I would much rather write an acquaintance than send an e-mail.  I keep a supply of personal writing paper with me, but more times than not, I rely on the hotels that I stay in to supply my stationery.  My wonderful grandmother used to say she traveled vicariously through me because I was constantly sending her notes mailed in hotel envelopes and made sure she received plenty of hotel postcards.  My son's mailman must wonder about the mailing lists he occupies because I send him several notes each week wrapped in envelopes found in hotel writing desks. My own stationery consists of personalized correspondence cards and handcrafted vellum executive size paper and envelopes.  Most hotels follow the executive or monarch size of paper and envelopes, but there are still those out there that stick with the 8 1/2" x 11'' stock and #10 envelopes.  My favorite hotel writing paper is found at the Four Seasons Resorts, a wonderful linen stock of paper and note cards with a horizontal grooved texture.  The Grand Wailea Resort on Maui also provides guests with note cards as well as writing paper and beautiful postcards. So the next time you are bored in a hotel room, check out the contents of your desk.  I know you will sit there in wonder and think to yourself, "Wow, there are people in this world that actually notice this stuff and then take up valuable cybertime to write about it!!!"