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How Kevin Met Stacy on Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines has been a big part of my life. I grew up in the Bay Area before going to San Diego both for undergrad at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and law school at University  of San Diego (USD). That meant countless trips down and back over nine years, and I came to think of Southwest as my personal airline. Kevin, too, has lived in the Bay Area for years since he grew up in Los Angeles and went to UCSD, so he’s also a longtime Southwest flier.

Perhaps it was inevitable we would each meet someone special on a flight, but luckily for us we met each other!

Our versions of the story of how we met differ a bit, but the end result is the same.  According to Kevin, I was checking him out while I was waiting at the gate.  I actually don't remember noticing him until we were in line to board the plane.

In any case, as we lined up to board, Kevin opened with: “I bet we won’t even get a seat on this plane.”  I thought it was an unusual way to start the conversation given that we were fifth and sixth, respectively, in the “C” line, but I figured he was a bit nervous.  Of course we were going to get on the flight!  We had a friendly banter going, which ended somewhat abruptly when I accused Kevin of not listening to what I was saying (which was true).  We didn't sit next to one another, but picked up our conversation in baggage claim.  We discovered a few things in common and said goodbye--only exchanging first names.  No phone numbers, e-mails, or other personal details were given.

The next week, on a whim, I looked up Kevin on Facebook using their robust search function (that is no longer in existence due to concerns over stalking).  I found him on the last page and worked up the courage to send him an e-mail. He responded and the rest is history. Kevin proposed to me in September, and we are now engaged to be married Memorial Day at a ranch in the Sierras.

We are very excited that some three dozen of our friends will be flying Southwest from San Diego to Reno for the big day!


Dear Stacy and Kevin, THANK YOU for sharing your LUV story with us! You two LUV birds were destined to be together. Have a very special Valentine's Day today! Luv, Kim
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This is such a cute story! Many years of happiness and LUV! xo