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How To Throw A Party For 2600 People

Frequent Flyer B
Most people attend banquets and never give a thought about what it takes to put on large events. This episode of Red Belly Radio, recorded at our 2008 Annual Awards Banquet, is not a recording of the awards presentation but how an event like this comes together.

Things that might seem simple, like sending out a “save the date card,” are actually rather complex. Sure the database is there, but cards have to be printed, returned cards have to be dealt with—you really do want to get it in the hand of the Employee (Some of whom have to be tricked to attend!) —and don’t forget all of the planning! The months of details, days spent getting the acres of tables ready for the thousands of attendees—and don’t forget the flowers! Don’t even get me started on flowers!

Give this episode a listen and think about what effort it takes to get 1300 photos (prom pics) in just more than one hour! Jake, pictured above, gives his impression on Herb.

Does your company hold an annual event that recognizes its Employees? Do you have any ideas how I could win one of those prizes?