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How do you surprise an unsung hero? DUDE. Be nice.

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The DUDE. Be nice Project is a platform for young people to say thanks to the unsung hero in their community in a fun, creative, and meaningful way. In this case, the students at Bishop Manogue HS in Reno, NV contacted us because they absolutely had someone on their campus they wanted to honor - Lynn Marner. They indicated that this was the perfect candidate to surprise because of her contagious positivity and ability to make her job more than just about serving the student's their lunches each day. We got to spend a day with her as we created this project and they were right ... she's the best.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 8.04.15 PMEncouraging these type of events is our way of promoting more positive campus cultures throughout schools in the country.

Lynn loves her family and her hometown - Memphis, TN. However, she established new roots in Reno when she started her family, so she doesn't get to Memphis as much as she'd like.  She typically travels home only once a year, but more frequently lately as her Mom, who still lives in Memphis, isn't in great health.  We thought a great way to say thanks to her was to give her some Southwest Airlines travel, so she could more easily head home to see two of her favorite things: Mom and Memphis. I hope you’ll watch the video we posted on Facebook and feel inspired to get involved.

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