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Hurricane Irene: How You Can Help Red Cross Efforts

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Our hearts go out to those along the East Coast affected by Hurricane Irene.  As a Company we stand for helping communities prepare for disaster, but also providing comfort and aid when these events occur.  We know many of you are watching Hurricane Irene’s path and wondering how you can help as well. Over the weekend, the Red Cross operated or supported nearly 500 shelters with more than 27,000 residents. Shelters now stretch from North Carolina to Maine.

Since cash is the primary need at this time we have provided a link to Southwest’s own web page on the Red Cross web site for anyone wishing to make a donation to American Red Cross at  This site is for Southwest Employees, as well as Family, Friends, and Customers.

Southwest is a proud sponsor of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, which means we support the Red Cross with an annual commitment of cash and tickets that can be used not only to prepare for such events, but also so that there is no delay in the Red Cross’ ability to support recovery.  The American Red Cross has stepped in to support efforts along the East Coast.  So through our sponsorship we’ve already gone to work to help!

Here’s how your immediate gift will help:

  • $40 can supply hot meals for a family of 4.
  • $50 can buy 4 days of baby supplies like diapers, wipes and formula.
  • $100 can buy clean-up kits for 5 families whose homes have been damaged (including a mop, broom, trash bags and cleaning supplies).

For requests for travel or other disaster related assistance please go to and select Disaster Preparedness and Response as organization type.