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I Heart Southwest

Aviator C
An avid Southwest Customer blogs about his favorite airline.
Explorer C
Thanks for posting this Brian
Explorer C
How can southwest advertise low fares? I checked from PDX to SNA. Alaska is 239 and Southwest is over 300 and takes 5 hours compared to Alask's 2+. Who would want to take the greyhound in the sky compared to Alaska with assigned seats?
Explorer C
Has anyone heard if Southwest is going to start non-stop from Philly to Albuquerque???
Explorer C
I really liked the comparation between southwes and a Women, congratulations! But if southwest was a Man, all this advantages where the same or not? Best regards ana Rita
Explorer C
I am a travel agent who sells Southwest every chance I get. They are the MOST consumer friendly and they were also the last flight to cut out commissions. At least 3 times a year they allow me to be able to go and bring my grandchildren to visit their father. God Bless Southwest airlines and all it's wonderful enmployees who by the way are the highest in courtesy and service. I use them at other times also
Explorer C
lol, I love SW too, more than you, enough to share... interesting comparison in the blog link though, but if you married SWA that would mean it would be the mistress to the rest of us, ok with me if it is ok with you... but how would SW feel about that? or maybe keeping it an open relationship is best , that way no one get's their feeling hurt. right?