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I'm Feeling a Bit Verklempt...

Adventurer C
I'm a little emotional right now...and, no, it's not because I'm a's because I just finished reading Colleen's "Packet of Good Letters." Each quarter, our President, Colleen Barrett, circulates a select packet of commendations from Customers and Employees. Every Employee in the system is encouraged to take a few moments to read these letters...and I can speak from experience, that it is time very well spent.  Today I was feeling a bit frustrated...I was working on a project that was befuddling me, and I needed a break so I opened up the latest edition of Colleen's packet and started reading. I was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of pride as I skimmed letter after letter from Customers and Employees who took the time to write our Leaders about an amazing Customer Service experience. I got misty reading about a Flight Attendant who sprinted through an airport to try and find a replacement snow globe for a little girl who had dropped and broken her new souvenir while boarding the flight. I got a lump in my throat as I learned about a Customer Service Agent in Orlando who stayed at a hospital all night to watch over a sick Customer's children. I got downright emotional when a Customer relayed an experience with a Customer Service Agent in Louisville who went above and beyond to accomodate a family with a terminally ill child traveling to what might be their last family vacation.   After I finished reading the packet I felt reenergized and ready to tackle my project again. I was reminded of what a wonderful Company this is and that I am so lucky to have a small part in making Southwest what it is. To all of our frontline heroes, thank you for inspiring me and for reminding me what Southwest is all about...People. Anyone got a tissue?